Gnome Homes

Fine felting for fervent felt afficianados

a white bearded gnome in the forest outside is fuzzy woolen mushroom house

Living in the forests of British Columbia, gnomes frequent backyards and picnic areas, as they prefer not to cook.

Gnome Homes provides affordable felted housing to gnomes and woolen forest creatures.

These towering structures are about ten inches high and also look good with tealights inside.

Monica Senn has been developing her feltistry over many years, and now an imaginative world of fuzzy characters and their houses fly out of her fingertips into folk art.

Most recently she opened a booth at the Circle Craft Fair downtown Vancouver. It was like the airport in Felt World: gnomes, lanterns, wool homes and creatures flying off the shelves for distant destinations.

A Swiss kindergarten teacher, Monica moved to Bowen Island in 2002, running an operation that includes horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, fish, kindergarten students, her own kid and hubby. But all that is merely a diversion from her superpower: creating felt worlds.

You can bring these woodland woolens in from the cold and enjoy them in your own home. They are house trained and go about their serene existence with little or no discernible impact on your house other than their friendly presence.

GNOMES-and-their-homesGNOME HOMES
Gnomes and other woolen creatures make their houses in different shapes and sizes – some are hollow trees, apples, and stone cottagey dwellings which invite families of gnomes, their pets and neighbors.
Felties that Monica makes include gnomes, dragons, farm animals, woodland creatures. She’s even done reindeer and dinosaurs.
gnome-home-lanterns-feltHOMES THAT GLOW
Lanterns are a popular way to make a room cozy – these houses are suitable for gnomes to live in, and feature walls that let through the light of a safe little LED light, giving them that warm, fuzzy glow.

Maybe you can’t handle the cuteness! But if you can, check out the World of Fuzz Gallery. > >

orders and special commissions

Monica likes a challenge and does custom commissions in felt, time permitting. No two are exactly alike, but you can always see the family resemblance.

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